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Rebecca Bruno: Deux @ the Sowden House

The Sowden House, designed by  Lloyd Wright, impressed me right away: its imposing concrete exterior,  huge inner courtyard — designed originally to be a theatre and then turned, somewhat controversially, into a pool and entertainment space – and long corridors, passing by sometimes extravagantly designed rooms, were unlike any other place I’d been invited in the past. On this evening it was the Gala for HomeLA, an arts collective responsible for performing experimental work in private spaces, open for one evening, to the public. Though there were many pieces that inspired me throughout the night – the one that knocked my socks off was a video both filmed and then projected in the inner dressing room / bathroom, of the architectural gem. The rectangular room, about 250 square feet, offers a large tub in the center, with a dressing space on one side and a koi fish pond with a seated area on the other.

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