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Judy Chicago: A Retrospective @ the de Young museum

My art muse and not muse this week is Judy Chicago, who has a retrospective of her work up at the De Young in San Francisco until January 9th, 2022. I learned about her site specific performance piece: Womanhouse, initiated by her, but made by a collective of art students in Los Angeles, when I […]

Lorna Simpson: Momentum @ Frieze Los Angeles, Paramount Backlot P10

Of all the work I saw at the Frieze Fair LA, the video billboard by Lorna Simpson was by far my favorite. The piece features en pointe ballet dancers of color, sporting afros and golden uniforms, looking slightly bored and more than qualified, on what might be audition or practice floor of a traditional dance […]

Megan Whitmarsh: “Arts & Leisure Section” @ Los Angeles Municipal Gallery

There is something so feminine about Megan Whitmarsh’s work – her requirement that all things turn soft – the plant pot, the newspaper, the mirror – objects with their own weight and materials turned equal into quilted puffs, to match the pillows that sit in a circular way, under a small living room like bench. […]

Alexander Girard: A Designer’s Universe @ Palm Springs Art Museum

As I walked around the Alexander Girard exhibit, my daughter, Olive, was on a search for images she recognized from a children’s book of his work that she had at home, given to us by a friend who had not consciously remembered we had a screen print of his hanging in our living room. The […]

Rebecca Bruno: Deux @ the Sowden House

The Sowden House, designed by  Lloyd Wright, impressed me right away: its imposing concrete exterior,  huge inner courtyard — designed originally to be a theatre and then turned, somewhat controversially, into a pool and entertainment space – and long corridors, passing by sometimes extravagantly designed rooms, were unlike any other place I’d been invited in […]

Ren Hang: What We Do Is Secret @ MAMA Gallery

In my own life my bouts with depression had been lifted with the birth of my daughter – but only because I needed them too. So close to fixating on the many unsettling facts of my pregnancy and her birth, I made a daily effort to turn away from the abyss. The artist’s own a careful […]

Sarah Lucas: Au Naturel @ The Hammer Museum

I used to think gender was everything; the lense through which all else must be viewed. Got a problem? Put on your gender inspectors and poof, the solution, once hidden behind culture’s murky gender norms, would be revealed. But since Hilary Clinton’s loss (could we hate anything more than a woman who seeks power?), and […]

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